Expectations… (Five Minute Friday)

We all have them.

And oddly enough last night our unmet expectations created the opportunity for us to share.

I set out for the evening pretty much with no expectations other than I would arrive, with my guest, very near to the time of the event.

I had no expectations of how the program would flow.  Who would be there.  What the topic would be.  NONE.

I’ve learned sometimes it’s just better not to have expectations.

But, we all expected something, somewhere in our lives that did not happen OR something we did not expect happened.  And that was what we had to share.

An uncommon connection and bond of unmet expectations.  That’s life. That’s being a human. It’s a space where compassion, love, and empathy can fill the pot holes in our hearts.

There was a lot of hugging and tears. It was not the evening we expected but were all blessed to share.


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