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Moments connect our stories.

Only a living, loving, and all knowing God could use all of these seemingly random moments to connect our stories.

It was my personal and private prayer to Him.  That He would bless me with a ‘memorial’ as we were about to cross our own River Jordan.  It’s exhausting being the ‘monument’ builder all the time.  My husband often says, “Mom makes everything special” to our kids, but truth be told – Mom could use a little ‘special’ coming her way.  So I dared to ask for it.  Yes, of course I’d love to heap this desire onto the humans in my life – but I’ve learned along the way that humans can only give what they have – and when it comes to very specific desires – they fail miserably.  Not because they are failures – but because they are not mind readers, they are humans, and if you’re anything like me, if you have to give out all the details, well… you might as well do it yourself.  Am I alone here?

I even wrote this simple, yet specific request as the response to the question in my Bible study. “God please, could you give me a ‘memorial.’  It was MY prayer.  I could relate to Joshua – being the ‘monument’ builder. Often charged with the responsibility of pointing out how God was working in our circumstances.  I craved to have a different role if just for a moment.  That I could look upon a stack of stones, exhale, rest, and just remember everything God had brought us through just long enough to breathe in enough courage to continue. He knew this was what I needed.  And the ‘monument’ would be there for me tonight – and it would serve its purpose.

The culmination of moments and prayers stacked one upon the other was as tangible as those stones collected from the Jordan – for Me.  I could see how He had been at work in all of it.

It was the accumulation of almost two years of prayers.

  • Prayers from young parents that they would grow together and raise their son well and to have great faith.
  • Prayers asking ‘why’ God would bring us all together for this season of life.
  • Prayers that God would show us how to love and care for these people He entrusted to us.
  • Prayers of a young boy with simple yet steadfast faith that God would bless him with a little sister.


  • Prayers that these this beautiful people would have the courage to be parents again.

God answered all of these prayers – even mine.

I didn’t know that as I walked in the room that night, that very same room where we had prayed many of those prayers, that God had some ‘special’ allotted for me.  It was a celebration, a ‘memorial’ for their family.  Everything about it was beautiful, and ‘special.’  It didn’t occur to me right away when we were asked to pray a blessing over them what God had in store – for all of us, until I remembered all those prayers that had gone before, even mine.

My ‘memorial’ prayer.

And my living, loving, and all knowing God used all of those seemingly random moments to connect our stories, to reveal His faithfulness, and whisper ‘here is your memorial.’


CONGRATULATIONS Andy & Stacy, blessed to share in your happiness.

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