PRAISE… (Five Minute Friday)

Do you have a list of personal, family, or maybe business values?

We do.  What I’ve learned by going through this process is that by taking an inventory of what you value, and writing it down, it helps you keep on track.

When my husband and I sat down to go through this exercise the first thing we needed to do was ask ourselves… “what do we PRAISE?” Because what we praise will reveal what we value.

To praise is to ascribe worth to something or someone – honor.

Think about your week so far… the posts you ‘liked’ the people you ‘followed’ – how you spent your time.  These all reveal your personal values.  The same can be said for what we didn’t do.

We all have a personal list of what’s not praiseworthy. Which often we see in BOLD lettering.

For me… this reflection reminds me that the people I love – I should praise daily.

Simply because I value them.

But when all I see is the BOLD misses or my measuring stick of values rules them out for all that I deem praiseworthy, I fail miserably.

I do value them, I love them, even when their actions and attitudes are not praiseworthy.

Lord, please help me to see them as you do – perfectly covered in Jesus. Amen


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