Family, Motherhood, Spiritual Growth

A different kind of spirit.

It was said of Caleb that he had a “different” kind of spirit.

Caleb had faith.  And as I’ve walked with God for a few decades now, I’ve learned a thing or two about faith.

  • It’s the thoughts and feelings that get left behind when you have a meaningful conversation with God.


  • It’s the visions that thumb through your memories and seemingly makes sense of the confusion in your present.


  • It’s the assurance of what we hope for and certainty of what we cannot see.


Caleb held onto the thing he hoped for, and when it was within his reach he stretched out to grasp it.  He wanted that land where the parents of faith rested.  And as I look through my photos of the last eight years of our life here – in my promised land I see that I was doing the same thing.  I’ve been chasing faith.

And along the way someone was watching. And she’s learned to do the same thing.  And she’s inherited a “different” kind of spirit too.  Like Achsah, Caleb’s daughter, she is wise beyond her years. She pushes boundaries with respect and knows how to respond to adversity. She’s developed the skill of taking high ground.

She’s never known anything but to be a part of this beautiful community of faith.  And for that I am ever grateful. There is a weight that comes with walking by faith before your children.  The stakes get higher and higher and the mountains get steeper and steeper. Because their learning what it takes to live with God in places where only the clouds can touch.

And that is the reward.

The reward that comes with audacious faith.

Surveying your life from God’s point of view,
as He’s carried you through and through.
He’s redeeming every broken piece of your soul.
And He whispers secrets that only the two of you will know.
He wants all of His children to share, on these mountains with thin air.
Because He loves each one of them so.
This is the faith I want you to know.


For Caroline.

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