WHO… (Five Minute Friday)

If I was able to speak one word of life changing truth to my younger self it would be  – WHO.

Moving from WHAT to WHO is the greatest gleaning I have from my 20+ years of adulthood.  When I surveyed the horizon of this expansive thing called life, I asked all the wrong questions.

WHAT is the meaning of life?

WHAT is my purpose?

WHAT do I want to do when I grow up?

I didn’t know that I was asking the wrong questions. And they led me in all the wrong directions. And as I’ve had to make the long trek to the truth, more than once, I’d love nothing more than to save some other travelers some time. Because when we ask the right questions we get the right answers.  And life is short and we shouldn’t waste time.  Here is your spiritual ‘life-hack’ if you will…

Ask these questions.

WHO do you want to be?

WHO else can you benefit by being this person?

WHO will you linger as, long after you have passed?


These are the wise questions. Today, I commit to create my answers.  Will you?



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