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MOMENT… (Five Minute Friday)

As we closed our conversation she said, “hey thanks for coming over and saying, HI.” She revealed the significance of the moment.

We often think of moments as the BIG ticket items in our lives… birth, death, kids, marriage, etc. but these are few and far between.  The bulk of the substance of our lives, is all the seemingly small moments in our day to day living.

But when we pause and take the time to share our day to day stuff – something happens.  The roughness of our days somehow gets beautifully smooth when its shared. Because moments put together over and over form relationships.  And we all need them.

She needed relationship.  So I gave her a moment. And sharing your life with anyone is sacred.  I guess that’s why I titled my blog… Moments With Melissa, because its just me opening up myself to others – relating to the one’s who care to take a moment and read…

Let me know when you stop by.


3 thoughts on “MOMENT… (Five Minute Friday)”

  1. I’m glad I took a moment to visit! Just pausing in the everyday and giving someone a moment of our time can often have a bigger impact than we expect, and it’s so easy to do! Visiting from FMF #18.


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