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REPEAT (Five Minute Friday)

In the same way that the seasons repeat themselves year after year, they also usher in change.

With every rhythm of repetition we can add notes of editing and refinement.

As an Enneagram 7 I’m wired for change. And where I’ve appreciated it the most is when it’s layered with the richness of familiarity and connection.

New but at the same time old and meaningful. This is the beauty of repeat…it offers the best of both worlds.

What holiday family traditions do you repeat year after year?

I find ‘new’ options each year I want to try… but time just won’t expand to house everything on my list – editing is required.

When I suggest… maybe we will do this instead of that, my children revolt – keeping is required.

All of this is a part of the repeat process – hone, refine, improve.  I’m embracing the depth afforded me here.

NEW, is exciting an unknown – but it lacks a past, a history, a life and breathe until it too grows into something worthy of REPEAT.


2 thoughts on “REPEAT (Five Minute Friday)”

  1. Ha, holiday traditions… sounds kind of like my family, as far as doing new things goes. And then I married into a New England family with DEEP and unmovable holiday traditions. Though we do shift them a little every year — maybe I’ll make my stuffing for thanksgiving, or maybe we go to a different Christmas tree farm or try a new Lessons and Carols service — but there’s something comforting about the roots.

    Love this! I’m visiting from FMF! 🙂


  2. I like your post! It made me think of musical pieces made up of a theme and variations. I guess that’s a bit like the seasons or holiday traditions- the same basic thing repeats but it is different in character and detail each time. It’s a good mix of both the familiar and the new. Visiting from FMF #26.


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