Changing the atmosphere

While the leaves in South Florida didn’t get the memo that its fall, that doesn’t mean I can’t change the atmosphere in our home.  One thing I learned recently at a real estate conference is there is actually a name for this | hygge.  It’s the Danish secret of happy living.  Most simply put, it’s a feeling.

That feeling you get when you are surrounded by great people, great food, and your environment is all warm and fluffy.  Well, it’s still in the mid 80’s here and if I add any layers my cozy will be full on hot yoga.  But I still want this atmosphere in my home during the holidays.

Of course all my favorite fall scents are burning by candlelight, but I wanted more.  So this year I rolled up my sleeves, spent a few minutes at the keyboard and put together a Cozy Fall Playlist for myself on Spotify – totally FREE.

It was super easy… here’s a link if you’d like to do the same.  Here’s my playlist.

Hope you enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Changing the atmosphere”

  1. FMF#12–I wasn’t thinking of sisters in Christ as helping with burdens. It’s wonderful, yet I am somewhat of a loner. I make friends slowly, and have a very few. We do share our burdens. Thanks for this. Diane


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