Thanksgiving Hacks…and Stuffing

OK, so this year we are blessed to be invited to “Friendsgiving.”  Which gets me off the hook for hosting and cooking, right? Wrong!  When you’ve got a brood that adores your traditional menu – guess what – I’m cooking it all anyway.  There’s always a need for Friday leftovers after a day of shopping!

But it’s not going to be such a monumental task because over the years I developed a few Thanksgiving hacks of my own.  One of these is William Sonoma’s Turkey Gravy Base which you can order here.  Along with their Apple Orange Cranberry Relish which you can order here.

Before you judge… I don’t buy pies, or shortcut my mashed potatoes, and it takes me 3 days to prepare my version of William Sonoma’s Cornbread Stuffing recipe, original recipe linked here.  Now, after editing this over the last 15 years… yes people, 15 years I’ve been making this – and it’s a must have for our family, here’s my version of the recipe full of short cut hacks!

  1. Buy your cornbread… I’ve made it before – not really worth it – use store-bought muffins.  Buy early – freeze if you need to.  Crumble them night before and leave out on counter – they need to get stale.
  2. Bacon, Onion, Celery, Carrot… this can be done a few days early… put your crisp bacon in zip lock – store the sauted veggies in ziplock in fridge.
  3. You can even heat your stock and soak your dried fruit night before and leave on stove top – by the way… I used golden raisins – not cherries.
  4. And as for chestnuts – I used pecans.  I like a crunchier stuffing.
  5. So pretty much you can even mix everything together and stick in the fridge day before and pop in the oven Thanksgiving Day.

Usually, stuffing isn’t the star on the Thanksgiving table – but this one is different.  I just did my first round of menu shopping today – gotta get those BOGO’s if you can!  If you missed my earlier posts… check them out for some great Conversation Starters and a Cozy Fall Playlist on Spotify.


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