ONE (Five Minute Friday)

I’ve learned a lot about the profound power of ONE.

I’ve been on ONE mission trip. And I was advised before I returned to have ONE take away to share with friends, family, and faithful supports upon my return.

It was the power of ONE.

The ministry we served with has a program where ONE U.S. dollar can sponsor ONE child to attend a weekly VBS style club for ONE year.

Yes, ONE dollar supports ONE year of discipleship!

The country where this ministry is located, is ranked number ONE for having the most unreached people groups. What does that mean?  Well, basically if every US resident, gave ONE dollar to this ONE ministry, to sponsor ONE child in this ONE nation, for the Gospel’s sake – well then we’d make ONE amazing dent on bringing the ONE hope into our world for this ONE generation.

Today, I pray that the ONE God, who brings the ONE hope, would reach this ONE nation, with the ONE name that is above all other names – the ONE name by which all men can be saved – JESUS.

And every ONE of us said, AMEN!


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