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BEFORE ADVENT | Make room…

This morning as I lay in bed with my coffee, savoring the quietness of our house I knew it was time to begin, I needed to make room.

There is a force that has set itself against this effort of making room.  It’s filled with endless demands on my time and attention; semester finals, basketball games, Christmas parties, Christmas present shopping, cooking, cleaning, and holiday chaos. It pushes its way into my calendar and wears at my soul.  It requires no making room.

The ‘making room’ is my act of worship.

There is a great reward to be had for those who ‘make room.’

I began reading Luke 1:1-17 HCSB… so that, we all may know the certainty of the things about which we have been instructed. (paraphrase) For those who ‘make room’ Jesus will appear this Christmas.

As I read on I was affirmed by the call on John the Baptist’s life, he will turn many of the sons of Israel to the Lord their God…to make ready for the Lord a prepared people.

John was sent to announce… “hey there, pay attention, it’s time, He’s coming, make room.” If you don’t make room – you’ll miss Him.

I shared what I had been processing with our family during our morning prayer circle, that we all needed to ‘make room’ as this is the first week of Advent. A season of anticipation. I reminded them that Jesus came as a baby, unable to shove and demand, certainly not forceful. And that there would be no place for Him, unless we all decided to ‘make room.’

I hope this encourages you to make room for Jesus this Christmas.  I’ll be posting for each week of Advent.

Week 1 | Hope

Week 2 | Peace

Week 3 | Joy

Week 4 | Love

Each week I’ll be sharing some personal reflections as well as a scripture reading and some prompts to help you connect at a deeper level to the true significance of Christmas.  Subscribe here to my blog to ensure you don’t miss any of these posts.

Merry Christmas!


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