As I gently slowed the car while approaching the stop light God was already responding to my gritty prayer.

This year I have inadvertently committed to read through The One Year Bible – again. Some of you feel intimidated by that statement, well don’t, anything I do with consistency is a miraculous act of God. Give Him the glory.

This particular morning’s reading included Genesis, shamefully detailing the hot mess that was the family of Jacob. If you are unfamiliar I highly recommend you read from… oh let’s say Genesis, Chapters 28-35. You will definitely come away as I did, encouraged, whatever state your family is in – there is hope. 😂

In a gracious response to my prayer God reminded me of what I had just read hours earlier. Why? I needed the encouragement.

The drive to school felt more like being a soldier stationed in enemy territory than it did being a mom. Locked in the confines of my Honda Pilot I was exposed to hostel sibling infighting – it had almost brought me to tears. It wasn’t even 8 a.m.

Even though this was not an encouraging parenting moment, God in His immeasurable kindness reminded me of Jacob and his brood. And as He did I thought to myself, “at least we’re not that bad.”

And there it was.

A tiny rep to give me strength, because courage is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

ATTRIBUTE #2 : DON’T QUIT, Persevere when things get tough, make ‘finish what you start’ a personal mantra.

Parenting has made me stronger that any other adversity I’ve ever faced. It causes me the most pain and begs every cell in my body to scream “Uncle” – or “I give up”, “I quit”, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I’m throwing in the towel”. It’s my kryptonite.

On this day I needed to be encouraged that there would be better days.

Truthfully, sibling infighting is normal and I need to realize that it’s more likely than not that I will have much harder days than this one. Day’s that want to break me – days that will require more COURAGE.

So today… I #cultivatemorecourage one tiny rep at a time.

That’s our conversation starter for this week friends,

ATTRIBUTE #2 : Don’t Quit.

What in your life requires the most perseverance and how are you going to make ‘finish what you start’ a personal mantra?

Can’t wait to hear from you…and as always, be strong and courageous.

6 thoughts on “And there it was

  1. Some days are definitely harder than others. My husband is in the hospital for 131 days today. I’m beside him every day. Sometimes I think how can I keep these long hours up? But I will. One day at a time. He supplies me strength for the day.

  2. For me, it is getting healthy. I’ve let my health slip for the past several years and I definitely need to make my health a priority now. One of the main things I need to work on is my mindset…moving from all-or-nothing to a daily healthy lifestyle that allows for real life without turning that into feeling like I’ve failed and should give up.

    1. Mary- you said it yourself…”moving from all-or-nothing to a daily healthy lifestyle” it’s hard to accept incremental progress in the areas that we feel we are the weakest isn’t it. I am currently sipping on my coffee – no sugar – light coconut milk used as creamer. This was a journey. Used to be sugar + sweetened flavored artificial creamer. If I didn’t make gradual changes my palate would have never transitioned. You are gonna find a sweet spot this year and move forward incrementally to a new more healthy you – I just know it! Take 1 thing you consume daily if possible and edit it slightly… I just pulled out a few of my favorite books to reread. One of them was HABIT – it gives some great science behind how we can make changes 👍🏻

  3. You wrote, “anything I do with consistency is a miraculous act of God. Give Him the glory.”

    How those words resonate with me. How many times in my life do I hide behind that statement, as though God is not present when I’m not consistent? Why do I think that me following through is nothing short of a miracle? Why do I believe and embrace that lie?

    Do I think it gives me an out? Lets me off the hook? Provides a point of commiseration for others? (Heaven knows I want to be helpful!) But, really, I want to know–not expecting you to have the answers–why am I so ok with quitting?

    Sometimes I do a brave thing, thinking maybe this will be the “rep” I need to keep using the muscles. After all, that rush of endorphins feels great, right? And yet, my “inconsistency” is the crutch I fall back on so often if the next follow-through doesn’t happen in a timely manner. “Oh well, that’s just me…” I tell myself in a comforting tone (while self-flagellating in private.) ARGH.

    The one thing I am learning about myself (which I’ve kind of always known, but not taken too seriously) is that I NEED deadlines. I NEED accountability. I NEED an outside force, if you will, that holds me to what I’ve committed to. And so, a logical next step for me would be to put those things in place in a tangible way. No more excuses.

    The writing class I’m taking has some exercises and accountability built in. I’ve taken on a volunteer job that has a firm deadline. What I need to put in place is my own personal writing… both my blog and my memoir. That’s my next step. Don’t quit.

    1. Janine- yes accountability! I caught myself earlier this week and realized once again I’m rushing. Meaning – I want progress too soon. This turns into bailing out before I see accumulated results. The writing journey requires slow – it’s a daily “talk to thyself” topic for me. I am getting the short bites in – and have committed to all of you to provide a weekly dose here within our community – but the long form of working on my book. Lord help me. He knows – and I know He will help me. I think He’s given us to one another for some accidental accountability here 😂

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