Finally she paints a portrait

I just finished a Hallmark Channel movie that was a bit odd. At one point during the storyline the main character, a female (of course) painter, paints a vision board where the vision she paints begins to take shape in her life.

The mysterious guy in her painting, her “Mr. Right” in the future, becomes the real life object of her vision. Then she realizes even though he’s real and has everything she wants, she has no feelings for him.

Then she paints a new board with a new guy and he breaks her heart. This causes her to ruin her painting and subsequently ruin her chances at her big career break. (Don’t worry, it’s a Hallmark Channel movie.)

Then finally, she paints a portrait of herself.

She follows that up with some other life decisions, salvages her opportunity to show her painting in an art show, which bails her out of destroying her chance at a big career break (remember this is a Hallmark Channel movie), and ultimately gets together with guy #2 who does end up being her “Mr. Right.” The movie ends with a Hallmark Channel movie kiss, which always gets delivered in the last 5 minutes, guaranteed!

Why am I bringing this up you ask? Well let’s go back to painting number three, the self portrait.

Pursuing our passion is like adding brushstrokes to our self portrait. It gives others something to look at that helps them know what we love. Living our lives full of colorful passions gives inspiration to those who may be staring at a blank canvas.

It takes courage to show the world what you love.

The lead in the movie needed to learn that someone else couldn’t fill the void of an unrealized dream. That could only be done by pursuing her own passion. If you’re not pursuing your passion friends, try some things, slap some paint on the canvas of your life, who knows you may end up with a Jackson Pollock.

You owe it to all of us to be strong and courageous.

2 thoughts on “Finally she paints a portrait”

  1. As always, you hit the tender spots with me. I suppose that’s because I’m in need of some courage in more than one area. You accurately write, “Living our lives full of colorful passions gives inspiration to those who may be staring at a blank canvas.”–lately, I just feel like I’m the one staring at that blank canvas. Looking to others for inspiration… your posts hold my feet to the flame quite a bit!
    God is also saying, “Don’t worry, sweet child… Look to me for the inspiration you need. When the time is right, it will be there.” But in the meanwhile, the waiting seems interminable. And waiting doesn’t feel courageous. It feels like quite the opposite. Maybe I’ll pick up a paintbrush and see what happens?


    1. Janine-even this morning I was pondering why “waiting” isn’t one of the attributes that we’ve been discussing. Maybe it’s the spiritual nature of restrained waiting that so few have pulled from the well of God that leaves it off the list. I’ve developed more courage by waiting than any other attribute on the list. You are always becoming in the waiting – when He releases you forward I am certain you will discover just how much courage He has deposited anew in you. *there’s a great song about this – “take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul, He’s in the waiting…” 💛


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