in the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire Eric Liddell says this,  “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” Pleasure. Depending on your view of who God is and what He is like will radically impact your perception of whether or not He desires you to feel pleasure.

There are plenty of negative references toward pleasures that you may be aware of; usually what may be cloaked in pleasure is vice. And God’s desire is for us to be free, so He steers us away from vices. Instead He offers us a liberating alternative, the pursuit of our passion.

When you truly find a passion, something good for you that you were designed to do, you experience God’s good pleasure. Very few find it. Hear me load and clear, if you are still looking for the thing that makes you feel free and fully alive, don’t stop. If I could reach through my laptop and sit with you today, I would do everything I could to help you on your quest. It’s not an easy pursuit. It takes courage to pursue freedom.

What I can offer you are arrows that might help you discover what it is you might be passionate about, I offer because on the journey of life it will help keep your candle burning. So here it goes, grab pen and paper if this is for you and take a few quite minutes to drift away. For reflection and self discovery begin to answer these questions.

What am I good at AND enjoy doing? Think making something (a product) OR giving of self (a service) .

If you have difficulty with the first question – and think it might be both outline which is the driver. Example: I like to teach and encourage, however I prefer to do this via a product rather than providing a service. I choose to make products and tools to deliver the teaching and encouragement rather than acting as a facilitator. I hope that helps.

Will you take some time this week to invest in your passion?

Will you take time journaling how you feel after the investment?

If you choose to invest in yourself in this way you might find that you have more to give in the other areas of your life. Be a whole person, pursue your passion and bring something uniquely you to the world. We are waiting, we need you . You can do it.

Be strong and courageous.

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