I’m so glad you found us.  My name is Melissa, and I’m your host here.  Think of this space as the place where our community convenes.  If you’ve found your way here it’s probably because you are looking for friends who are committing to #cultivatemorecourage in 2019.  My role as host is to say “hey there, welcome” and invite you in – your role is to check us out.  Our space is open – and essentially our conversations are too.  Consider this blog to be a where our ‘public’ conversations are held, chime in if you like – let us know you’re here – be kind, as well as courageous.

To begin START HERE.

There’s an open invitation at any point if you want to ‘join’ us on a more personal level, that’s how you go from being a visitor to finding friends.  And make no mistake – there’s always a difference.

We don’t want you to miss out, JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and become a friend.

So glad you’re here 🙂