Start Here

STEP ONE: Why do you need this community?

2019 is a year that I already know will require me to possess a whole lot of courage. There are big things coming my way – some uninvited, none the less they are going to happen, so I need to be wearing my big girl panties or my life will mow me down like a fresh cut lawn. 

What’s 2019 have in store for you?

Meanwhile, I also find myself allowing old dreams to find new life, setting some goals to live with intention, and blowing the dust off of some plans that needs to get back on track.   I’m just a regular girl trying to live a life that is worth while – and even that takes courage.

Can you relate?

Sadly, I’ve used up most of the courage in my tank – so I need to get some more to move this life forward.  The good news is – that’s totally possible.  I can cultivate more courage.  Because courage is the fuel that moves us forward into ________________  (you can fill in your own blank)

Maya Angelou says this about courage; “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

Yes, courage is the fuel for everything else we will need. This is my mission in 2019 to #cultivatemorecourage and this is your invitation to join me.  

Are you feeling hopeful?

Here’s how we can do this TOGETHER.  This year I am committing to ‘host’ conversations around cultivating more courage for our ‘online’ community. This will come in the form of a blog post weekly.

What I’m asking you to do is – be a part of the conversation.  Read the post – and comment when it resonates with you, what’s going on in your life, etc.  I want us to do this together.  This way we can spur one another on in this journey to #cultivatemorecourage in 2019.

Are you ready to try this?

I believe…everything BIG we desire for our lives exists on the other side of courage.

Do you agree?

Good, you’re 1/2 way through 🎉 START HERE  🎉 …

At the END of this post I will ask you to COMMENT and tell us what your focus is for this year : Dream, Goal, or Plan…or of course all of these.

Not sure, need help? … ask yourself these questions.

Dream – do I have a desire to reach a goal that feels completely unrealistic and far fetched at this point?  Am I passionate about this goal and does it connect with the sense of purpose I have for my life? Clue 🔎 this may be you if… you’ve selected your one WORD for the new year and have created your Vision Board but aren’t quite sure how to move forward.

Goal – am I currently, or have I been recently putting some effort toward a tangible end? Do you know your target?  Maybe you’re using your Full Focus Planner 😂 to be intentional about your effort, or have your S.M.A.R.T.  Goal Worksheets filled out for this achievement.

Plan – have you mapped out the steps it will take you to get from where you are currently to a Goal you have?  If you said YES, and let me show you my notebook, resource file, and all my FREE downloads on the subject, then girl you’ve got a Plan.s

STEP TWO: How do I do this?

You’ve got to know what courage is before you can cultivate it, right?

According to psychologists there are several different attributes that help us define courage.  I’ve selected six of these for us to work on as we #cultivatemorecourage together.  I’ve come up with my own summary titles for these and they are:


Click ⬇️ to download a girly 🎀 copy of these here: ATTRIBUTES OF COURAGE

Now, you’ve got to know how to cultivate it…

Well, it’s like anything else that needs to grow or be strengthened.  You have to use it… a little bit at a time until it builds up – gets strong.

Example: lifting weights 🏋️‍♂️ regularly builds strong muscles.

Maybe you’ve got some heavy life stuff heading your way? I know I do… don’t you think you’ll need some extra COURAGE to get through these well? 

Let’s face it, the emotional effort we use to live a quality life requires courage.

Copy of Everything BIG we desire for our lives exists on the other side of courage.

That’s why I’ve taken this task on, to build a community where we are committed to #cultivatemorecourage TOGETHER.

Are you in?


Now it’s your turn…

Use the COMMENT section below and share :

1. What’s your focus this year? DREAM, GOAL, and/or PLAN

2. Which of the ATTRIBUTES OF COURAGE do you need to cultivate the most – ideally relating to your DREAM, GOAL, and/or PLAN

Easy right?

Oh and don’t forget!!!

You like gifts 🎁 right?

If you haven’t ‘joined’ yet so you can keep up with us.  It’s super easy just use the COUNT ME IN sign up at the top 🔝 of this page. I’ve got some fun FREEBIES heading your way as a ‘Welcome’ gift.

Until next time friend, be strong and courageous.


Mary shared – “My goals this year are to work on my physical health”

Betty shared – “Thank you for showing me I do have courage even on bad days”

Toni shared – “I really love this word…courage”

Janine shared – “But maybe the most courageous thing I can do is let go? I need courage.”

Karen shared – “Really looking forward to taking this journey with you and this community this year.”

Jeannie shared – “Thank you for your courage to start this community.”

You can read all the comments from PART ONE here and PART TWO here.

Blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women. 💛

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