Being bored is an offense against life itself.

If you don’t think that it matters if you ever pursue your passion pause and imagine a world where Steve Jobs never tried to give his vision for technology life. Or if Leonardo DiVinci never painted the Mona Lisa, or Michael Phelps didn’t swim – image a world without passion. If you’re not living life doing the things you’re passionate about then you are bored – and boredom is contagious, and not in a good way. Do you want to contribute to global boredom?

Being bored is an offense against life itself. Why you ask? Because passion breeds inspiration, and we all need inspiration. It’s like once ignited it burns like a trail of gunpowder from human to human just waiting to reach a point of explosion. We need you to be a part of that sequence.

I’m not going to lay the heavy burden of being the spark that sets the chain reaction ablaze, but certainly you can do your part. So now that summer is in full swing I ask you this, “what are YOU, yes YOU, going to do that you’re passionate about over the next few months?” It doesn’t have to be fancy, think accessible.

Like to bake? Do it more, give it away, or try to raise your baking game a bit. Scrapbook? Set time aside, invite some friends, share your memories. Sports? Adventure? You name it – but also, do it! Let this be a renewed commitment to being a whole, alive human, one who has dimension and uniqueness. Take one small step out of drudgery and responsibility to reconnect to a freer part of yourself. It takes courage to let go.

We all need to let go, get off the dot of our life on occasion, so we can reenter with a renewed energy to live well. When we see each other in action, we stir up the flame of inspiration, and who knows what might happen it we all get just a little inspired.

Will you take a step in the direction of your passion today?



It was a dreamy Sunday morning. The sky was clear and the breeze provided respite from the bright Florida sun. It was the weather that caused me to linger.

I took a few steps in her direction and could tell from the glance she gave that my company would be a welcomed distraction. I found my place across from her as I took a seat on the picnic bench.

We’re just getting to know one another. We live in a town where people migrate, as they chase their dreams. Helping people converge their chase with their need to experience community seems to be my calling lately.

I can identify, I was her just 8 years ago.

Recently, my dreams have been mired by unwanted reminders of my past. Some realities are inescapable I suppose, yet I find myself struggling against this harsh reality. I petition for an alternative path. 👣

“Lord, if only I had…Space. Distance. Freedom. Then I could pursue my passion.”

This is an immature perspective.

These are the things I beg for, these are the crutches I insist that I need. If only she knew how right her choice of words was when she said “AND.”

We had been commiserating about our trials. Life’s unexpected and unwanted twists and turns. The things that we insist prevent us from experiencing the life we’re striving to create for ourselves.

The obstacles to pursuing our purpose – living our dream.

Her highly capable self had just missed a flight. She was still in a state of disbelief, “how could I get the date of my vacation wrong?” “How could I have dropped the ball on something so important?”

Juggling a cross country move, the holiday season, and a family of 6 is excuse enough to have this kind of misstep if you ask me. Nevertheless I know how she feels.

Out of empathy I shared with her the tragic details of the problem I’ve been walking through for nearly 2 years all the while sustaining the demands of motherhood and managing the details of our business.

However, in the course of it all I snuck it into our conversation. It was an aside, I thought it would go unnoticed. But when you are pursuing your passion it’s impossible to go unnoticed.

“I’m writing.” That was it. The little secret I shared.

She immediately recognized that I’m doing life “AND” pursuing my passion.

I finally realized that life is NEVER going to stop and give me SPACE. DISTANCE. FREEDOM. enough to just pursue my passion. It would only happen through AND.

When we dare to pursue our passion against all the odds of life we show courage, and courage is contagious.

Friends, this is what this whole blogging thing is about. Pursuing your passion. Writing is mine. What is yours?

My humble hope from each week’s post is that you get just the tiniest bit of encouragement and inspiration so that you might pursue your own passion.



This is your week to share 🎤

What’s your passion? What’s your dream?

Your response will encourage me to continue.

As always friends, be strong and courageous,